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The Brill story.

Well-respected by colleagues across the industry, Rachel Brill has spent the last ten years building a portfolio of wins and losses, passionately leading divisions that have netted more than 700 hours of content. Brill's posts have been summarized by resilience and creative growth: at MGM building an unscripted and docs slate for the premium streamer, EPIX; at Turner (TNT & tbs), developing the unscripted portfolio and premiering 10 originals in 18 months; then operationalizing a digital video consultancy for Whalerock Industries, that netted the successful Disney original, QUIZney; and at ZOO Productions (running development and creatively shepherding an acquisition by All3Media/Discovery).


Pre-pandemic, Brill exited Los Angeles and moved east to New York, to lead the development, production, animation, and long-form editorial teams producing social and Gen Z-native, sports originals at Bleacher Report, a division of Turner Sports. The goal was to strategically map a vision and voice for B/R to become the consumer-facing sports brand within WarnerMedia. Brill's vision: the MTV model. Becoming the cultural driver of sports x music lifestyle, IRL and in Web3. When sports went dark, and the job did too, the hardship provided a platform to pivot. Brill leveraged her network and indefatigable drive to launch the creative consulting firm, CHAPT3R. The focus is collaborating with sports franchises, companies at intersection of tech and entertainment, and non-endemic media brands to unlock marketing and revenue streams through the content eco-system.


With humbling gratitude, Brill's credits have included Academy, Emmy and Grammy Award-winning artists, creatives and leagues including: NBA, Dwayne Johnson, Tyler The Creator, Greg Berlanti, Dick Wolf, Ryan Coogler, Guillermo del Toro, Sofia Coppola, John Varvatos, Iggy Pop, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Jerry Bruckheimer, Dwyane Wade, Joan Rivers, Kim Kardashian, Howard Stern, the NFL and NFL FILMS.


As an Executive Producer, she's showrun and co-created original series, specials, live events and podcasts for WarnerMedia, EPIX/MGM, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Facebook, Disney+, NBC, TNT, tbs, truTV, CMT, SiriusXM, TV Land, Viceland, YouTube, Turner Sports, Bleacher Report among others. As a leader, Brill counts shepherding talent that now see themselves in executive positions with LeBron James, Dwayne Johnson and Tyler, the Creator among others. 


Early on, ZOO Productions gave Brill her start, working the ladder from MTV intern to PA and on to head of development and branded content. Success came by way of the Emmy-nominated, global game show franchise, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (still streaming today, nearly 15 years later), the hidden-camera comedy, Girls Behaving Badly starring Chelsea Handler, and Guys Behaving Badly, a similar format giving Ken Jeong his start.


A graduate of the University of Miami, Brill is a proud alumni of the athletic training department for the National Championship football and baseball teams that produced twenty first round draft picks, Hall of Famers and Super Bowl Champions. Apart from Brill's motivation to support the world's best talent you'll catch her ditching her heels for hiking boots and crampons, as an avid mountaineer, climbing the world’s highest peaks and rocky vistas in the Alps. It's here she harnesses the power of Mother Nature and sport as discipline for leadership, collaboration and humility. 







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